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Greenhouse frame complete !

On our usual gardening day, Friday morning, Mar 15th, we attempted to make some progress in putting up the Good Neighbours greenhouse.

Assembling a Greenhouse on a community allotment (part two)

Day 2 of the Chorlton Good Neighbours gardening group assembly of a greenhouse in Chorlton, Manchester, Saturday 9th March. Another cold and damp day.

Assembling a greenhouse on a community allotment (part one)

On a cold damp Friday morning in March 2013 the Good Neighbours gardening group in Chorlton, Manchester started  to assemble the newly purchased B&Q 10'x8' greenhouse with toughened glass (£904 in

 Diary of a Daughter 2

And so life goes on……..we still eat drink, work and play. We sleep at night and wake to a new day, the world hasn’t ended and our Lord is Lord of all. To the outsider nothing has changed.  

Chorlton Good Neighbours Gardening Club on Ice

At a time when most animals are hibernating and most plants lying dormant we have had an unusually productive time at the Gardening Club.

Chorlton Good neighbours Gardening Club Christmas update

The Chorlton Good Neighbours garden club was closed for Christmas and New Year but we've had a busy few weeks as you will see.

 Diary of a Street Pastor 8 - Blessed are the Peacemakers

My work as a street pastor continues and the issues for us remain the same. Lack of funding and a lack of volunteers.

the revolution must continue why rtc should stay

My take on why I think Right to Control should be extended and the difference it can make to people's lives.

Right to Control: A Pilot with a Positive Future - Video Edition

In April 2011, Breakthrough UK - an organisation of disabled people based in Ardwick, Manchester - launched the Right to Control, a new initiative that give disabled people control over their personal

Not everyone is a Grimsby Town fan... Unfortunately! :)

Here is a short video on how I used my Social Care Support money to increase my community involvement and make me happy.


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