crime/community safety

A grass-roots community response to gun crime and gang violence in Inner south Manchester

Erinma Bell OBE DL tells the story of CARISMA, (Community Alliance for Renewal Inner South Manchester Area) at its 10 year celebration in Manchester Cathedral.

Break in at Bluestone Allotments: Can You Help?

Sadly St Dunstan's School plot on Bluestone Allotments in north Manchester was one of many broken into last night.

GMP would like more Community Reporters

Story about ordinary people finding out what a great job the police do in the community, you too could get involved and join PSCO's on patrol and tell people about your experience.

 Diary of a Street Pastor 8 - Blessed are the Peacemakers

My work as a street pastor continues and the issues for us remain the same. Lack of funding and a lack of volunteers.

Diary of a Street Pastor 4 - Alcohol

Alcohol Bit of a strange title this week but this is more of a confession that a diary.

Diary of a Street Pastor 3 – Fresher's week

First of all I have to make it very clear we do not work for the police.

Wide and Slow 2
Diary of a Street Pastor

On a sunny afternoon, Charles interviews locals residents in the Northern Quarter of Manchester City Centre. 


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