Types of Reporter

Types of Reporter  

Help with Interview Techniques

Need help with your interview techniques, David Jackel has created a brilliant set of videos that cover all aspects.

Community Reporters at the Wells Centre, Clayton in 2009

Training at the Wells Centre, Community Reporters practicing the techniques of interviewing and filming. This photo was taken in 2009.

Community Reporters visit the BBC Northwest Tonight Program

The Community Reporter visited the Northwest Tonight set at the BBC, Gordon Burns and Ranvir Singh are presenters of the programme, a behind the scenes look at how the programme is put together.

Day 2: Chorlton Good Neighbours allotment project

Day 2 of working on the Chorlton Good Neighbours plot in Mancheter UK. Digging over the ground and cutting some branches off a tree that is overhanging the plot.

This is an interview with Indios from Amazonia who is a guest of Vicky from Arcspace. He tells us about linking up with Manchester and some of what’s happening where he is.

John the Baker's memories of Chorlton
Chorlton's Big Green Festival, Apr 16th 2011

Chorlton's Big Green Festival, Apr 16th 2011.

Bike Parade at Chorlton's Big Green Festival

  Bike Parade at start of Chorlton's Big Green Festival, Saturday April 16th 2011 


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