Types of Reporter

Types of Reporter
There are many types of reporter, my first advice would be to choose a topic your actually interested in, and that you would be comfortable doing it. When I was a Community Reporter I chose to concentrate on local Events and Festivals, I did not want to be doing interwiews with people, I did not like that news style of reporting, it is not for everyone, so I chose something I would enjoy. My style of reporting is more like looking in through a window and reporting on what I see, this works for me and I'm happy.
I have since given up community reporting, well end of 2012 officially, I may go back to it at sometime in the future, who know's, for the time being I am now very happy reporting on my other passion, which is wildlife. I could have refined it even more, and just concentrated on one aspect of wildlife, like Insects, Mammals, Birds, Plants etc, you just have to find what interests you and look at ways you can share that with everyone. Not everyone can write articles, I don't like doing it, I don't consider myself a writer, but it helps when you take photos and can provide a bit more information about what is in the photograph, that is how I started reporting. I enjoy taking photographs and doing videos, so I could have just had a gallery to show of my work, or just post videos on youtube, while I remember, another pet hate is when it comes to putting the videos together, video editing can be stressful, which bits do you keep or throwaway, providing commentary or a soundtrack, keeping it legal without copyright issues. The one thing that I find the most difficult is providing music for a video, I have on occasions put the wrong music to a video, purely because I was not allowed to use a particular piece of music that I wanted. Respect others interlectual property and give them proper credit, something I always try to do whenever possible, this is even more important with websites like Youtube being more vigilant regarding copyright.
I am now a Wildlife Reporter which still technically makes me a community reporter, I report on wildlife found in your own backyard and beyond, you could choose one of the reporter topic's below, or you could add one of the words below to a particular topic, you now have a title and a topic which will make it easier when looking for your next story. Having a specific topic to focus on really helps, you will find getting the next story that much easier. It also helps to pace yourself, some people are prolific posters of content posting daily, others might do 1 article a month, go at your own pace would be my best advice, that way you should not suffer burnout, there is no rush. Don't fall into the trap of trying to compete with others, remember it's quality that counts, not quantity.
Choose a topic from the selection below or pick one of your own.
Community, News, TV, Radio, Sound, Newspaper, Sports, Wildlife, Gardening, Court, Weather, Fashion, Business, Celebrity, Environmental, Literary, Music, War, Cookery, Books, Theatre
now choose one from below to go with your chosen topic.
Correspondent, Journalist, Reporter, Reviewer, Analyst, Critic, Broadcaster, Hack, Columnist, Commentator
Examples include: Sports Analyst, News Hack, Fashion Critic, War Correspondent, Court Reporter, Literary Reviewer, etc.
I hope this article has been of some help to you, and perhap's inspires you choose a different path from the one your already on, or maybe re-evaluate what your already doing and how you could do it differently.
PS (may revisit this article, not 100% happy with it, but it's a start)
Happy Reporting
Paul Edwards