Grass root experience of a patient from ward 3, MRI Hospital in Manchester. (7 April 2014)

Matters of Heart :
I landed in MRI-hospital and it turned out to be a matter of heart.
After some investigations it was to be a triple bypass ‘cause it was a matter of heart.
I was shifted to bay 2CCU ward 3 for patients with matters of heart.
But some other issues needed addressing as these are matters of body and heart.
Our not so healthy bodies need a mid-morning cup-a-T in the morning.
Not getting one becomes an issue of human rights and a need of body and heart.
Mid-day meal is served with the 1st cup-of-tea and makes it too long through the afternoon without a cup-a-T.
Not getting one through the long afternoon makes it an issue of human rights a need of body & heart.Difficult to cope with this systemic flaw but with individual special request a nurse will get you a Cup-a-T.
Spirit of “Wet, Soap, Wash and Dry” slips into extinction as soap-dispenser is not checked regularly
                                                                                                          making it again a matter of body and heart.
Need also to keep an eye on shower drainage, with constantly blocked drains a pool of water  flooding the bathroom floor and overflowing into the wards again making it a matter of “hygiene, cleanliness and safety” for human body & heart.
Issue of one shower amongst twenty women patients with a blocked drain for more than a week is also certainly a matter body and heart.
(Blocked drains in ward 3 and bay-2-CCU for more than a week raises safety concerns for body & heart)
once again a systemic issue touching on matters of body & heart.
Communication :
Communicated with the ward manager as all the above are matters for the body & heart.
Ward manager thanked with a comment “we would not get to know if not brought to our notice” making it a matter of lack of systemic communications for body & heart.
Mentioning any concerns from above ended typically with a response “it is not my job, ask someone else” all being busy with other matters of body & heart.
One would go through a few stages before witnessing a purposeful issue-addressed, if any, about these matters of body & heart.
With your permission says Yogesh though distribution of work is a good practice
Including systematically co-ordinated link in service provision would enhance MRI-profile making even a better service for body & heart
Yours sincerely
Yogesh  (Ward3).