FutureEverything City Debate

Friday 14th May 2010 – FutureEverything presents The City Debate – Manchester Business School – 3.00pm – 5.30pm
Manchester is today on the cusp of great change, home to major projects such as MediaCity UK, Corridor Manchester, and Sharp Project, plus plans for next generation broadband, and discussion on opening up public data.
Hot on the heels of the election, this is your chance to inform the thinking and ideas that will shape Manchester’s future.
An ideas event for evangelists, cynics, digital artesans, policy makers, property magnates, media vultures, urban planners, you, and me.
Key figures working today to build Manchester’s future will give their vision. Each will reply to the FutureEverything Proposition, a statement about the future of the city region commissioned from leading international thinkers. A studio audience will then debate the future of Manchester.
Manchester is a city built on innovation and radical thinking, from the industrial age to the time of Factory Records and today’s creative edge and digital sector.
Manchester’s recent regeneration has been led over the last 15 years by property development. Now the city is embarking on a new phase of development, posing the question of who is going lead the new development and what will be its direction.
People are today building future hubs for creative and digital industries. The roll out of a grid of high bandwidth connectivity and the opening up of public data will change our relationships with one another, how we have fun, our places of work and the city. How organisations are structured, where they locate and what they do is all being transformed
The following people have been invited to offer their thoughts on the future of Manchester:
Susan Woodward – Sharp Project
MediaCityUK representative
BBC representative
Howard Bernstein – Manchester City Council
Roger Milburn – Arup
Mike Ryan – Manchester Digital
Dave Carter – MDDA
Lyn Barbour – Manchester City Council
Walt Crowson – Learning Skills Employment Network
Patsy Hodson – Manchester Communication Academy
Alice Morisson – Northwest Vision and Media
Nick Johnson – Urban Splash
Alan Harding – Professor of Urban and Regional Governance and Director of IPEG
Martin Carr – True North
Mike Emmerich – Commission for the New Economy
Colette Williams – Moss Side Independent Candidate
Kate Feld – The Manchizzle
Tim News – MIDAS
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