Thanks to the Business Lunch for recording and sharing with me the interview with Mary. The interview explores Mary's story of why she became a teacher and a head teacher.

Tech and Tea 2015
work out at home

This is a video of my mums boyfriend working out at home. It shows that you can work out at home for free and not have to join a gym

Manchester commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the WWII end

The Russian flag is over the city, people are united....On 4 May 2015 Lord Mayor of Manchester, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, and Russian Community took part in commemorative events on

Ashton metro
Parking Meters in Mossley

A short video highlighting the pay meters that have been introduced in Mossley.

Volunteering in Tameside
Tech and Tea at Muirhead

A quick look at the work we have been doing with older people helping them learn how to use new pieces of tech.    

Wythenshawe we will remember

short film exploring options for a memorial space in Wythenshawe following the closure of the British legion