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Tech and Tea 2015
Malnutrition - Evaluation
Tech and Tea at Muirhead

A quick look at the work we have been doing with older people helping them learn how to use new pieces of tech.    

Young Adults Renal Clinic

Over the past few months we have been working with the Young Adults Renal Network to create a film highlighting the brand new clinic just for young people with kidney problems. 

Volunteer Celebration

To go along with an event we have put on for all our volunteers who have worked so hard these past few months, we have put together a little video to show just what they have said they get out of volu

Salford Community Health Reporters

Here is the footage our community health reporters got from a recent NHS event organised by the Clinical Commissioning Group.

The Beacon Barm Cafe

This is my first film as a qualified Community Reporter. It is about me volunteering in the Youth Service kitchen at the Beacon Centre.

Mahjong and more...

This is my first film as a Community Reporter and i wanted to talk to you about my experiences of learning how to play Mahjong.

Lower Kersal Interviews

We spent a lovely couple of days at Lower Kersal Community Centre with the children of Yogurt Pots who created and filmed their very own film! Here is what they came up with....

the web side about the Reporter

This is a Reporter about me being a community Repprter


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