Graduate stories - What do people do once they graduate - Naomy

Naomy talks about her experience  once she graduated  a year ago.   She  stated working in M and S as a temp, then worked in a variety of  part time admin role including the theater and as a  hotel receptionist. She eventually got a graduate admin job where they required a 2:1 but ended  up making the tea and downloading emails and felt this job was wrongly advertised and left. She applied for numerous Arts job and was not successful.  She eventually applied for Teach  First and will start that next year. 
She was keen to work in the Arts but felt that  was  unrealistic . She talks about one of thee main challenges in doing this was as lack of experience and no one willing to give her that experience. She mentioned about the Creative Employment Scheme but the criteria was being on job seekers for 6-12 months which she felt was "ridiculous" as the scheme is perfect for graduates. She did  apply for jobs in the Arts  but one of the criteria was you had to be on Creative Employment Scheme  and for this she needed to be unemployed. She found keeping motivated difficult as  she had always had a plan due to education route and now found her self without one. She says her biggest challenge is recognising that a plan will develop and she has to deal with here and now and not stress  constantly about applying for jobs.