Graduate stories - What do people do once they graduate - Louis

Louis graduated in English in 2011 and spent the summer cycling around Scandinavia, He  returned and got a job fitting solar panels for 8 months we he enjoyed but it came to an end. He knew he wanted to do something in building and so email and an architect in the USA  to see if he get a job there . After a second email he went  to work with the architect where he learnt  the basics of being architect. He came back to the UK and set up his own business to try and duplicated the architect work here. He did this at on a smaller scale and sold one of his buildings . He received and email about  doing an MBA which he decided to do this as a friend had done it a few years previously and it changed his life, He applied and was successful and is currently doing this. Its a challenge as he has not done mathis since the age of 15. Funding was also difficult and for the first time he found himself in debt having  received monies from his mother to support him. He was not surprised by graduate life but surprised  about  where he got to and what he is doing now which was not expected.